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St Pius V Parish
215 Maple Street
Lynn, MA 01904
Phone: (781) 595-7487 Fax: (781) 595-7270
A Parish of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston MA

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7:00AM AND 7:00PM

Regular Schedule of Masses

Saturday at 4:00PM

Sunday at 7:30AM, 9:00AM, and 11:30AM

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 7:00AM

(There is NO 7:00AM Mass on Tuesdays)

Holy Days: The day of 7:00AM and 7:00PM

The rosary is said on Monday-Friday at 6:40AM,
and on Sundays at 7:10AM.

Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Saturday: 2:30-3:30PM or anytime by appointment.

Mission Statement

St. Pius V Parish is a welcoming,
inclusive community of believers in Jesus Christ.
As followers of Christ we are nourished by vibrant liturgy,
which transforms our lives and impels us to serve others.
This makes us Church.

Pastoral Staff

Deborah E. Bernier, Director of Religious Education

My Catholic faith experience started at home with my parents and two brothers. †My initiation as a volunteer Catechist afforded me the opportunity to explore Confirmation Preparation with High School students. †The Archdiocesan Master Teacher Program, made me eager to further study and led to the completion of my studies at Emmanuel College (Master of Arts in Educational and Pastoral Ministry).

I started as Director of Religious Education (DRE) part-time in 1991 in Marblehead, where I had celebrated my Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation).† The year 1994 brought me to a full time ministry in the communities of Marblehead and Newburyport.

July 1997 brought a further dimension to my ministry as DRE, as I accepted the invitation to become a member of Saint Pius V`s Pastoral Staff.† The Religious Education Program at Saint Pius V affords children from Pre-Kindergarten eligibility through High School an opportunity to learn and celebrate their relationship with Jesus.† It is my great joy to join the children and their parents as they experience their faith of Jesus together.

Vision Statement
A Living Document

We recognize that all parishioners are called by baptism to share in the priesthood of Christ. We acknowledge and rely on the gifts of all parishioners. The success and growth of the Parish depends on all taking an active role and ownership of their Parish. Without this, we cannot be the people our baptism calls us to be.

Our Vision for St. Pius V Parish includes the following areas:

  • Community/Leadership
  • Education/Formation
  • Administration
  • Outreach

    Community /Leadership - A New Role for the Laity
    A Baptism People
    Strong Professional Leadership
    All of Us Up On Stage
    Time, Talent, Treasure

    We believe that:
  • there is great strength for service when we all use our gifts for the community.
  • that each person has a piece of wisdom to share. Without the involvement of all, we are weaker. We will identify and discern the gifts of individuals within and for the Parish
  • collaborative ministry is essential. Our Pastoral Staff, Pastoral Parish and Finance Councils, School Board, Development Council, and Religious Education Board will function in a collaborative manner; coming to common decisions through communication, true listening, discussion, and most of all through prayer and discernment.
  • good communication among our boards and councils and with the Pastoral Staff will facilitate the life and mission of St. Pius V Parish. Our Pastoral Staff will use their strong theological and ministerial skills to provide leadership in concert with the parish family.

    Education/Formation - Always learning, growing

    St Pius V parish recognizes the need for lifelong learning and growth in faith.
    Discernment & Direction
    Parish School
    Adult Faith Formation is a priority for us.
    We will:
  • recognize that the primary formative event is the Sunday liturgy and continue to offer prayerful, vibrant celebrations that reflect who we are and what we believe.
  • provide and encourage participation in retreats and faith enrichment opportunities which will deepen the adult experience of Jesus and develop their lives of prayer.
  • strive to involve more people in ministry and to train all who serve in the theology and skills needed for their ministry to the Parish.
  • encourage the possibility of graduate education in theology or spirituality when a person possesses the personal aptitude for professional ministry.

    The Religious Education of our youth is an essential and important aspect of our parish life.
    We will:
  • hold as a priority our outreach to parents of our religious education children.
  • strive to integrate our Religious Education Program with our Adult Faith Formation efforts. Parents are the first and foremost teachers of their children and, as such, need to be involved in their childís faith formation.
  • be intentional in our efforts to form families in the faith through meaningful educational and spiritual activities.
  • strive to have professional teachers in our religious education program, whenever possible, who have knowledge and skill in teaching children and mentoring others.

    We see the ministry of St. Pius V School as a ministry of the Parish.
    We will:
  • strive to have measurable parish membership from the families in the school. Their involvement in parish life will be essential for the growth and life of the Parish. The School will continue to offer service to the Parish through a growing, committed parish membership.
  • maintain and expand comprehensive Catholic education which is rooted in the Mission Statement of the Parish.
  • offer service to the Parish through the availability of Catholic education for all parishioners.
  • encourage and facilitate ongoing collaboration among School Board, PTO, Faculty, and Administration with Parish Staff, Boards, and Councils.

    Administration - A Better Way to Run a Parish

    Enhanced Property Enhances Ministry
    Time, Talent, Treasure

    In order to proactively manage our Resources for now and for the future, we will:
  • conduct a thorough survey of all aspects of administration within the parish, finances, buildings and grounds maintenance and supervision, and stewardship of parish resources.
  • renew a program of stewardship, an effort to encourage the giving of time, talent and treasure of each parishioner.
  • continue to shape the systems needed to enhance our efforts at development and integrate development into all ministries within the parish.
  • seek new ways of enhancing our ministry of administration, be it through the hiring of a parish administrator or building/grounds supervisor.
  • identify and utilize in others the gifts for administration, for caring for our properties and resources

    Outreach - A Recognized Voice in Lynn

    Focus Beyond the Parish
    We are a community that seeks to have a voice in the city and beyond.
    We will:
  • attend to the issues of ethnic diversity, poverty, issues of an aging population that affect our parishioners and our loved ones in the city of Lynn.
  • speak with a common voice when there are issues of concern.
  • commit ourselves to working collaboratively with other Catholic parishes and in an interfaith setting.
  • welcome the rich diversity of ethnicity that our changing demographics bring to this Parish, be sensitive and inclusive, integrating all people into our worship and into all ministries.
  • focus on providing a welcoming Parish, inviting new people to use their gifts within the Parish.
  • be open to each personís unique talents.
  • offer an orientation to the Parish for new parishioners twice a year and each ministry will offer an orientation for new volunteers.
  • use every creative communication tool available to inform and engage people in our mission and ministry.


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